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From Roll to Bolt

Ever wonder how your fabric gets on the bolt that you so lovingly pet at your local quilt store? Take a look at this magnificent machine. Have you ever watched “How it’s Made?” I just love this show! Recently, while in the Dallas Fabric District, I witnessed how a roll of fabric becomes a bolt – from roll to bolt!

Fabric Bolt Machine
This contraption has an amazing purpose,

The machine in the image above is quite interesting as it stands, but if you look at it there is some real genius here!. The machine takes up a minimum amount of space as it is configured vertically. The roll is loaded below, then the fabric is threaded to where the bolt is inserted and finally the bolt is loaded with your favorite fabric.

Roll the Tape!

This from roll to bolt machine (at least that’s what I call it) was in use at Golden D’or Fabrics. The operator was nice enough to allow me to video it’s operation.

The process is almost mesmerizing!  

After I drug myself away from this impromptu demonstration, I checked out the deals. While I didn’t find anything on this trip that was meant to be, I did see a beautiful gown that I fell in love withl

Beautiful Gowns!

Did you attend the semi annual sale at Golden D’or? If you did, then what deals did you find?

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