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Fresh Spring Scrappy

Today we will discuss a controversial quilt: Fresh Spring Scrappy. Controversial you say? Why is that? I will tell you in a moment but for now, take a look.

Fresh Spring Scrappy
I hate waste and I love scrap quilts so how can I lose? Fresh Spring Scrappy came out of my scrap bag. I pulled out fabrics that were brown, beige, green, and yellow. This I consider Organized Scrap management.
It is the next step that is contentious to some. Do you know how I love to paper piece? Well for this project, I utilized used dryer sheets.
Fresh Spring Scrappy Piecing
Fresh Spring Scrappy Blocks
The concept was simple, I string quilted on the entire sheet and then cut out a 6×6 square. I used the rectangle that was left to create the pattern.
Some folks commented that if someone was allergic, this could be a problem. I suppose this is so, but if you find that you are sensitive, you just wouldn’t use this quilt anymore. (This is no different than not using a specific soap or dryer sheet when doing laundry). 

Also, there is a perfect use for this project. You know that guest room that is never used and gets a tad stuffy? Throw this quilt at the foot of the bed and let it help make the room smell fresh! After a few washings, no one will even know how it was created.

E2E Quilting

The E2E pattern I chose for this is Fleur De Lys. Honestly, I think it looks more like fall leaves and that is why I chose it.

Edge to Edge Patterns

I used White Glide thread for this as there were so many different spring colors. It looks very nice.

Fresh Spring Scrappy Close

Quilt Back

A while ago, I was gifted some random fabrics. The quantity of each piece is not enough to use for garments. But sometimes I find a fabric that works well for backing. In this case, there was a light green almost suede that works perfectly. You can easily see the pattern.

Fresh Spring Scrappy Back

To top it off, you have to have a spiffy label.

Fresh Spring Scrappy Label

Have you ever created a scandalous quilt?

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Fresh Spring Scrappy
Quilt Size: 65 x 66
Quilting Pattern: Fleur De Lys
Thread: White Glide
Batting: Warm and Natural 80/20
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So, what do you think?

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