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Freedom In Flight

Panel quilts can provide such beauty to a wall hanging or bed quilt. Freedom in Flight was made as a gift for someone special.
I love the way the borders frame the panel to accent and make it even more beautiful.
Freedom in Flight

E2E Quilting

Ginger Stars is a very popular E2E Design for Quilts of Valor and patriotic quilts. It was a perfect choice for this quilt.

Ginger Stars

Glide Titanium thread was the color of choice and worked quite well. It complimented the blue, white, and beautiful cloudy skies.

Freedom in Flight close 1

Quilt Back

Sometimes, you are not meant to see the quilting from the back. The patriotic and busy backing fabric here hides the quilting motif as well.

Freedom in Flight Back

I am always honored to be able to quilt a patriotic project for those who serve us in the armed forces.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Freedom in Flight
Size: 54 x 75
E2E Quilt Pattern: Ginger Stars
Thread: Titanium Glide
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