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Four Seasons Frolic

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Fabric, Fabric, Fabric! Four Seasons Frolic is all about amazing fabrics. This could easily double as an Eye Spy quilt with all the interesting motifs of the fabrics.

Four Seasons Frolic
I chose to recognize the Frolic in the fabrics. All the animals leaping in joy are so special.
At the center of it all are 4 panels representing the seasons.
Four Seasons Frolic Center

E2E Quilting

The creator of this quilt told me to pick the E2E Quilting design. After looking over all the fabrics, I knew that a leaf design was appropriate. And, while there are all seasons represented, there was a predominance of fall colors so Curly Maple it is!


Because of the grey sashing, I chose Cool Grey 3 Glide thread. This allows the maple leaves to dance in and out of view over the top of the quilt.

Four Seasons Frolic close

Wheat Glide thread is a calm choice that does not overpower the fabrics.

Quilt Back

With all the dancing critters and busy fabrics on the back, don’t expect to see the quilting very much. What you can see is a section of fabrics pieced that make the back very interesting on it’s own.

Four Seasons Frolic Back

Front or back, this is a very special quilt.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Four Seasons Frolic
Size: 58 x 82
Quilting Pattern: Curly Maple
Thread: 10CG33 Cool Grey 3 Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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