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Future Projects – Flying High Patriotic

The next addition to my future projects is Flying High Patriotic.  This quilt may make its way to a local veteran’s organization for raffle some day.


The inspiration for this quilt began with Pinterest.  I found the following image:

This quilt was designed using Electric Quilt 8 by Sally Hutchinson.  You can get the pattern here.  Sally Hutchinson EQ8   This quilt was designed by Sally Hutchinson for the Quilted in Honor challenge hosted by EQ and Island Batik.

While I really like this quilt a lot, I also wanted to utilize some of my patriotic fabrics as well, so I reworked the design and came up with this:

My Interpretation

As you can see, I kept two of the planes but also added half square triangles to showcase some of my patriotic fabrics.  I may make this scrappy.


These are some of the fabrics that I can use for this project.  Any of them will work well, but I will have to add in a mottled blue for the background of the planes at least.

The Paperwork

Last but not least, I have a file folder all ready for this quilt so I have all my information in one place when I want to start working on it.

I really like how Electric Quilt 8 lets me print out the needed yardage for each quilt.  If I need to purchase more fabric, I can easily grab my folder with swatches and information and take it right to the quilt shop.  There is never an issue with finding the right fabrics this way.

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How do you organize your future projects?

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