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Future Projects – Fly a Kite

The next and last for a bit of my future projects may well become a quilt for our grandson.  Fly a Kite is a fun quilt that mostly falls into the “need” category as does any quilt I do specifically for someone.


I will never pass up a chance to show off our Grandson, Hunter, or to make something special for him. It’s what Granny’s do!

The Design

Most future projects that I put together are fun quilts that I am excited to start.  Fly a Kite is no exception:

This quilt is simple yet interesting.  I am excited to start Fly a Kite.  This is also a perfect concept for a little boy.  I waffled back and forth about the fabric choices and to be honest, I may change my mind again.  For now, I am happy with this concept – I also love the little black and white kite off to the side.  There always has to be a bit of non-conformity when it comes to kids.


The fabrics chosen for this project are meant to provide some visual fun for Hunter.  Boats, Pirates and different textures should make this a fun quilt for him to use when he gets a “big boy” bed.

The Paperwork

As always, the folder is stuffed full of images, fabric swatches, yardage requirements and the patterns for the paper pieced blocks.  These blocks are simple enough that the fabrics will retain their images for Hunter to enjoy.  Also, because paper piecing provides for sharp edges and points, the kites will be crisp and realistic looking.

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What was the last quilt you did for family?

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