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A while ago, I previewed some quilt designs that I had planned on completing in the future. You can see the original post HERE. Fly a Kite is a really fun quilt on so many levels.

Fly a Kite 2019

I had a blast designing, creating and quilting this project. Fly a Kite was unique and also had some challenges.

A Unique Quilt

On the whole, I tried to utilize older fabrics for this quilt. Not all had their dates on the selvage, but this fabric did:

As I said, many of the fabrics were older, including the backing fabric. Not only did I have these fabrics in my stash for many years (not going to admit how many), but I also know that they were not new when I acquired them. I have a habit of purchasing and being gifted with fabric from other quilters.

Unique Challenges

It does not matter if you create a block using traditional methods or paper piecing, the struggle to make pinwheel type connection points lay flat is real. I recently purchased a flat press and found that after swirling the middles and working seams flat, the press finished the block nicely. In fact, I plan on using this press to finish all my blocks. I found that I virtually eliminate any stretching because I am not using an iron.

E2E Quilting

Because this quilt is so special, I wanted to use an E2E pattern that was just as special. I went to my friends at Urban Elementz and found KITES.

I just love how this pattern plays on both the front and the back. Also, while it is true that this is not the normal, colorful and vibrant quilt that I usually make, because these are older fabric, I still love the look.

The only thing left to do is show it off at our next Guild meeting and then give it to him the first part of March. Love you Hunter!

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