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Flour Sack Flowers

Yet another – 4th in the series of vintage quilts that a client presented to me for finishing. Flour Sack Flowers follows a round robin type of pattern which builds from the center and moves out with a different motif for each border. I find that when I have some great fabrics to showcase, this type of pattern works well. You can also see how well the textures and scale of prints play off of each other.

Flour sack Flowers
Flour Sack Flowers
Loaded on the Long Arm

For such an old quilt top, you can plainly see that it was in pretty good shape. There was not much wonkiness (even after being washed in a commercial machine). Of course, there were lots of underside threads to contend with, but that could not be avoided in this case.

Backing Fabric

Most vintage quilts that I complete for clients include Muslin for the backing. This time was different. The client intends to gift this to a young woman in the family and wanted the backing to be as lovely as the front. luckily, I knew the perfect fabric for this request.

The pink and floral fabric on the top of the image above turned out to be the perfect choice to complete Flour Sack Flowers. The colors and textures mimic and respond to the elements in the older fabrics on the front. I am always amazed at the quality and vibrancy of flour sacks.

Edge to Edge Pattern

Edge to Edge Patterns

Flutterby is a simple, unsophisticated edge to edge pattern that ties a vintage quilt together in such a nice way. This Edge to Edge design seems to just float about without overtaking the patterns in the top itself.

If you like the look of this quilt, you may also enjoy viewing this Vintage Inspired Quilt that has much in common.

Peonies and Polka Dots

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