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Florida Vacation – 2002 to 2014

Florida Vacation 2002


If the truth be told – and I am telling it, Terry and I have not been on vacation since our last trip to Florida in 2002. To qualify that, we brought the kids to Disney World and Universal Studios.  As you can see, we all look a little younger and a little lighter!  In my defense, I am an amazing cook 🙂 The kids say that this trip doesn’t count and the last “real” vacation Terry and I went on was our honeymoon in 1992.

The trip in 2002 was amazing. Our children were neither too old or too young for this sort of vacation. The only problem was that I got a little too much sun and had a mild case of heat stroke.  DRINK WATER!

Below are a few pictures from our original trip – then I will  showcase our most recent adventure.

Florida Vacation 2014

Our 2014 adventure was a solo trip. We spent the 31st of May through the 7th of June in a condo at Star Island Resort in Kissimmee, FL. The facilities were gorgeous as you can see:

During our stay, we enjoyed so many fun activities – but shied away from the bigger attractions like Sea World, Disney World and Universal Studios.  Instead, we looked for interesting and fun things to do as the mood struck us.  But that, my friends is for another day.  We simply did too many fun things to post it all at one time.  So for now I end with a look at then and now:

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