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Fat Quarter Plaid

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This is another quilt that came to life because of the fabrics. I had a stack of 12 fat quarter batiks. I decided to make a Fat Quarter Plaid Quilt out of them.


My cousin, Steve received this quilt. The colors were perfect for a Wisconsin fall.

Fat Quarter Plaid

The fabrics and pattern have a masculine vibe. That’s a good thing, because I may know someone special that could use this.

E2E Quilting

I had a bit of trouble picking the E2E quilting pattern for this quilt. I didn’t want something too girly but also wanted something nice. Then I saw Feathered Wisp and fell in love.


The texture of this design with the Titanium thread adds to the overall look.

Fat Quarter Plaid Close

Quilt Back

Here is another backing that only shows the quilting up close.

Fat Quarter Plaid Back

I highly recommend this pattern, it is fun and easy!

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Fat Quarter Plaid
Size: 70 x 62
Quilting Pattern: Feathered Wisp
Thread: 10431 Titanium Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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