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Fat Quarter Fiz

From the rustic fabrics to the deer print E2E, Fat Quarter Fiz is quite manly. This is a simple design that couples a solid with fat quarters that have texture and depth.

Fat Quarter Fiz

I made this with a special person in mind -more about that at another time.

E2E Quilting

The fabrics are at home with nature. Deer Tracks E2E was a perfect fit for the vibe that this quilt gives off.

Edge to Edge Patterns

Whether you hunt or just enjoy nature, this combo is sure to please.

Fat Quarter Fiz Close

I used Leather Glide thread so that the prints showed up over the solids.

Quilt Back

If you are looking for the quilting on the back, you will have to peer closely. Like the deer that makes them, the footprints exhibit stealth.

Fat Quarter Fiz back

Sometimes it is important for the fabric to dictate the flavor of the quilt. If you do that, a men’s quilt is easy.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Fat Quarter Fiz
Quilt Size: 50 x 72
Quilting Pattern: Deer Tracks
Thread: 45020 Leather Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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