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Fab 5 T-Shirt Quilt

This year I have been honored to be part of so many family memories. The Fab 5 T-Shirt Quilt is full of special memories.

Scully T Shirt Quilt
Referred from a friend, I was asked to provide a finished quilt using a mother’s T-Shirts. She had passed a way some years ago and the goal was to make a gift for Dad.
At the initial consultation, the customer picked out sashing, cornerstone and backing fabrics. These I all had available. Below is an EQ representation of the basic design:
Scully T Shirt Quilt Final
With this approved, it was easier to use representational fabrics to come up with a plan. I used specific colors and textures to represent each T-shirt.
Scully T Shirt Quilt placement
The goal was to make a random look using color as the guide.
I also found a wonderful use for my vintage irons! Their weight helped things stay in place for a crisp cut!
T Shirt Quilt 2022 1

Custom Embroidery

There was one other element special to this project. The daughter provided an image that included her mother’s name, dates, and a scripture verse.
I reproduced these as the 25th block in the middle of the quilt.
Scully T shirt embroidery

E2E Quilting

Something special was requested for the Edge to Edge design. Doves were a very special theme so we chose Two Turtle Doves:


Also, the client chose to use Titanium Glide thread for it’s masculine tone.

Scully T Shirt Quilt Close

Quilt Label

More and more customers are asking for custom labels to mark the occasion. Here is the label for this quilt:

Scully T Shirt Quilt Label

Not long after this quilt was picked up, I received a notification on Facebook. Their dad loved the quilt, it was a big hit. How could it not be when it was presented with so much love?

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Fab 5 T-shirt Quilt
Quilt Size: 72 x 72
Quilting Pattern: Two Turtle Doves
Thread: Titanium Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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