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Ethan’s Fire Trucks

It is a joy to help a client finish up a child’s quilt. Ethan’s Fire Trucks is so special. Color, movement, and a theme that any boy would love.

Ethan's Fire Trucks

The colors are so vibrant and the patterns are very detailed.  

E2E Quilting

Debbie chose a geometric design for this quilt. While it is common to choose a curvy design for a square-pieced quilt, this design works well.

Geometric Path is a 2016 Urban Elementz design by Kristin Hoftyzer. I like this design because it adds texture without taking away from the content. For a young man, this edge-to-edge pattern fits.

Ethan's Fire Trucks Close
Ethan's Fire Trucks Close 2

I believe this may be a Christmas Gift, so let’s just keep this one between ourselves, ok?

Final Quilt Stats
Quilt Name: Ethan’s Fire Trucks
Size: 64 x 67
Quilt Pattern: Geometric Path
Thread: Titanium Glide
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