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EMS T-Shirt Quilt

T-Shirt quilts do double duty. They provide warmth and remind us of our travels. This EMS T-Shirt Quilt really gets around!

EMS T Shirt Quilt Front

E2E Quilting

T-Shirt quilts do present challenges not usually found in other quilts.

  •  They have a stabilizer that adds bulk
  • Can be made of many different fabrics
  • Can include embroidery and embellishments
In this case, I found all of the above. There was even some rip-stop type fabric from a jacket. Because of all the extras, we decided to do a custom meander so areas of heavy embroidery could be avoided.
Other quilts get E2E Quilting from our library of designs.
EMS T Shirt Quilt Close

Glide Titanium thread was the color of choice and worked quite well.

Quilt Back

The back of this quilt also had a couple t shirt elements included. Special care had to be taken to ensure that these would show up centered left to right. The placement is always approximate top to bottom as you never know how much the quilt will draw up. This happens to all quilts during the quilting process.
EMS T Shirt Quilt Back

This quilt turned out very nice and I am sure the recipient will cherish it for years to come.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: EMS T-Shirt Quilt
Size: 72 x 72
Quilt Pattern: Custom Meander
Thread: Titanium Glide
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