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How Should I Quilt This – Edge to Edge

Edge to Edge Designs

This week we continue with discussion on how to quilt your projects. Our focus this time is on the most common way to finish a quilt – Edge to Edge.

Edge to edge is usually the go-to for most quilting projects. For those who don’t know, this includes a variety of techniques including:

  • Computerized Designs
  • Hand Guided Templates
  • Freehand Designs
  • Meanders
  • Stitch in the Ditch (basic, not all-over tight)

The best way to describe this type of quilting is a single design or technique covering the entire quilt.

All Designs are Not the Same

It is important to note that not all designs are the same in price. Most long-arm quilters provide for at least two levels of pricing. One level is regular and the other is tight or involved. The more detailed the design, the more time and energy it takes. This translates into a higher cost per square inch.
Involved stitch in ditch quilting can be as time-consuimg as custom. The price will reflect this.

Curvy Blue Vintage

Curvy Blue Vintage is a beautiful and old top that the owner wanted to finish. The goal was to gift this quilt to a man in the family, so a flowery finish was out of the question.

This Celtic pattern was a perfect fit.

Edge to Edge Patterns

You are my Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine is such a happy baby quilt that required a happy motif. The rich blues and bright yellows make this special. After reviewing the large sunflowers I knew which was the right pattern.
Blossom Cluster is a combination of large and small flowers. The circular design calms the squares used in piecing and creates harmony.

Edge to Edge Patterns
Cardinal Christmas

Cardinal Christmas

Holiday quilts are so special. It is exciting to use a complimentary holiday-themed design to finish them. Cardinal Christmas is one of my own quilts that I cherish to this day. The piecing is simple, but the quilt special because of the quilting.calms the squares used in piecing and creates harmony.


Christmas Cardinals is a perfect fit for this quilt. It came from the amazing collection at Urban Elementz.



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