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Easter Dresses

Now, this is an interesting project. Easter dresses were created from… Easter Dresses! Grandma brought pre-cut blocks in from her grand daughter’s dresses. They are both grown ladies now.

Emily's Easter dresses
Ashley's Easter dresses
Not the largest quilts ever made, but filled with love of many years!

Quilt Design

In this case, I was supplied with the blocks, backing, AND an image to follow for assembly.

Easter Dresses blocks

The original design included some very thin fabrics for the middle. After some discussion, it was decided to switch this out for the backing fabric. The result is beautiful!

E2E Quilting

Hypnotic E2E design was chosen for both quilts. It looks so nice and completes them well.


The blocks were of different fabrics This made having an E2E that seals the quilt important.

Easter Dresses close

Linen Glide thread allowed for lots of texture on the front and back but did not overtake the fabrics.

Quilt Back

Both quilts showed lots of texture on the back.

Emily's Easter Dresses Back
Ashley's Easter Dresses back

Quilt Labels

The labels for these quilts were simple. I used coordinating threads so matched the quilts.

Emily's Easter dress Label
Ashley's Easter dress label

While it was not required that I finish these for Christmas, I really wanted to. And did! Grandma just picked them up and was very excited to get them wrapped and under the tree.

Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Easter Dresses
Quilt Size: 36 x 36
Quilting Pattern: Hypnotic
Thread: Linen Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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