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Dragonfly Delight

Dragonfly Delight is an amazing panel wall hanging. I had a blast doing custom quilting on this one. The client trusted me to “wing it”. Pun intended!
Dragonfly Delight front

Custom Quilting

This quilt consists of three borders of varying colors ad widths and a center panel. The interesting part about the panel is the insects and scale background.
I used all gold thread to detail the moths and a dragonfly then mirrored the scales. This created a great background texture
Dragonfly Delight close moth
Dragonfly Delight close 2

For the borders, I used both brown and gold thread. I created custom feathers with the brown and a neat diamond pattern with the gold. I like how the different densities look.

Dragonfly Delight close 1

Quilt Back

Due to the business of the backing fabric, the brown showed up much better than the gold. The back still had a lot of nice texture nonetheless.

Dragonfly Delight Back

Dragonfly Delight is a small quilt but it was a perfect candidate for custom quilting.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Dragonfly Delight
Size: 34 x 54
Quilting Pattern: Custom
Thread: Military Gold Glide and Leather Glide
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