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Dr. Corona Banner Quilt

The next installment in my Banner Quilt series is the Dr. Corona Banner Quilt. This quilt has been fun from start to finish.

Dr. Corona Banner Quilt

Quilt Concept

This quilt fits so well within my From Kits to Custom mentality and you can be sure I will include it in my trunk show.

The initial inspiration comes from our present times. So many folks were posting their Covid-19 memory quilts on Pinterest. I decided to design something special for me.

As many of you know, I am an avid Renaissance Festival participant. For this reason, there is no better representation for me than the Plague Doctor.


This is not the first large-format custom applique project. The process is always the same.

  1. Find a good image to use (or combination of images, or something custom)
  2. Draw an actual-size version to ensure fit
  3. Take a picture of that version to use later
  4. Trace from the original large-format version each piece for use in applique
  5. Prepare all applique pieces in the style of your choice
Dr. Corona

Border Piecing and Fabrics

When I first started designing the Dr. Corona Banner Quilt, I knew the fabrics I wanted to use. Grunge by Moda was the only choice.

Grunge Fabrics

As with many of my other custom quilts, I designed this with Electric Quilt 8. The block, Arbor Window, when paired with these fabrics has a very interesting effect.

Dr Corona EQ8

Custom Quilting

To ensure the Dr. stood out, I utilized all custom quilting motifs. I used a computerized block design on all the outside blocks. The applique center features hand-guided custom quilting.

Dr. Corona Custom Quilting
Dr. Corona

This quilt is already hung outside and will look perfect for Halloween.

Dr. Corona

Another Custom Applique Project

Another Custom Applique QuiltIf you enjoyed the process of creating this quilt, you may want to also check out my Fenume (Dragon) quilt.

Great Big Fenume – 2018

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