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Doris’s Quilt

This little quilt is so fresh and pretty. Yellows and blues are always a great combination. Doris’s Quilt will make one little girl very happy!
Doris Quilt

The construction of this quilt is all about stars and 4 patches, but it is the fabric choices that puts it over the top. I fell in love with the lemons!

E2E Quilting

The quilter chose a seldom-used E2E pattern. At first, I wasn’t sure that Just Lines and Circles was the right choice. I am so glad I was wrong!

Edge to Edge Patterns

As you can see from these close-up images, this is a great quilting motif for this.

Doris's Quilt close 2
Doris's Quilt Close

Doris’s Quilt inspires me to make a summer blue and yellow quilt. Maybe I can find some lemon fabric!

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Doris’s Quilt
Size: 55 x 47
Quilt Pattern: Just Lines and Circles
Thread: 10002 Super White Glide
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