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Deer out the Window

  • Quilting

Over the years, I have produced and quilted a few window pane quilts. These are always so fun and look very pretty hanging on a wall. The most recent one to arrive was Deer out the Window.

Deer out the Window
This wall quilt measured 51×48, and features deer in a woodland scene. Such a perfect project for October!

Thread and E2E Choice

This quilt has a variety of light, mediums and darks. so we chose Titanium Glide thread. The backing fabric was a Real Tree branded fleece with deer and fall camo pattern. There would be no batting in this quilt.

Deer out the Window Close
Camo Meander

Edge to Edge pattern is a simple meander. The deer are pretty enough, no need to add a pattern to distract from their beauty.

Interlocking Meander

Because the backing is Fleece, the quilting is not very prominent.

Deer out the window back

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