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Custom Garden

Custom quilts are time-consuming and a lot of work – but they are worth every bit. Custom Garden is an amazing applique quilt that I was honored to play with. When a customer says “quilter’s choice” you have the freedom to have fun.

Rhonda Scott Custom Garden

Here is the completed image with the creator. Unfortunately, the lighting at the quilt guild is less than desirable. This is the reason the fabrics are washed a bit yellow.

Custom Quilting

Not every quilt needs to have custom quilting, and some do not need it. Custom Garden is a quilt top that begs to be custom quilted. Borders, Applique, and other elements provide sections for echoing, motifs and feathers. I love feathers!

Quilt Back

The backing fabric is very neutral and the light thread does not show. What does show is the texture. You can make out all the quilting elements as if the back was a focal point too. Flowers, watering cans and borders all show easily.

I will not tell you how many hours this quilt took to complete, but can say that I enjoyed every moment!

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Custom Garden
Size: 58 x 70.5
Quilting Pattern: Custom Heavy / Quilters Choice
Thread: White Glide
Batting: Warm and Natural 80/20
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