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Custom Christmas

Custom Christmas
Tis’ the Season! I adore doing custom quilting work. But to do a gorgeous Custom Christmas quilt at this time of year is a special bonus.

From a distance, the colors and negative space makes such an impact. As you move in closer the fabrics start to take over the show. The large print border is amazing!

Custom Quilting

There is a very good reason I call this Custom Christmas. Her owner wanted to do something special. Since she had also won a gift certificate towards the quilting, custom was the choice!
I always take time to discuss the options with custom quilting. I encourage customers to let the quilt speak and provide insight. Custom Christmas provided a lot of inspiration.
First, we discussed the stars and negative space. How to break this up is very important. The goal was to encourage the stars to shine, so treating them with custom feathers was the goal.
Custom Christmas Close Star
Next, we discussed theme. Ginny loved the thought of using Holiday flowers as a theme to compliment the feather work. I totally agreed!
I then used blocks and borders that carried the same theme.
Custom Christmas Flower Blocks

Finally, we discussed the gorgeous, wide borders that surround the quilt. The minute I saw the fabric, I wanted to do custom feather work. This section works so well with the inside of the stars and provides continuity.

Custom Christmas Close Border

Quilt Back

Many quilts, when viewed from the back, do not provide much impact. Christmas Custom looks amazing from either side! I even had to take an image while it was on the machine to see the underside early.

Custom Christmas Back Under
Custom Christmas Back

The texture from the back of this quilt is mesmerizing!

I am inspired to do a custom Christmas quilt for my own bedroom for 2022. I have time, I could add this to my list! Do you dress up your own beds for the holidays?

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Custom Christmas
Size: 101 x 101
Quilt Pattern: Custom hand-guided and computerized
Thread: Super White Glide and Chianti Glide
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