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Curvy Blue Vintage

This gorgeous hand-pieced, curvy blue vintage quilt top was so much fun to quilt. As with others in this series, the customer found these in the estate of a relative and wanted it to be used and loved. There were actually 5 quilts total, this is the first I am showcasing that came un-quilted.

Not only did I do the edge to edge quilting for this beauty, I also put the binding on as well. – I really hated to see it go, it was so unique. A modern-looking quilt done so many years ago.

This quilt was not without it’s challenges; however. At some point, someone had washed the top.

In order to ensure that threads didn’t bunch up and mar the back of the quilt (which was done in muslin – I spent at least an hour cleaning up all the random threads that had frayed from the piecing. The piecer did an amazing job with her small – tight stitches. No seam came loose!

Here is an example of her beautiful stitches:

Loading on the Long-Arm

While there was some issues with tension over the different pieced elements, considering this was hand-pieced, these were minor and easy enough to navigate.

E2E Pattern – Celtic Sea

As I will mention over and over – not everyone wants their vintage, hand-quilted tops finises on a long arm. In this instance, the customer wanted the quilt to stand up to use for at least one more generation. For this reason, she picked a fun E2E Pattern that really set off the block design:

E2E Patterns
Celtic Sea

Usually, I like to quilt an edge to edge pattern that is opposite of the feel of the piecing, in other words, curves on a non-curvy quilt and so forth. In this instance; however, we decided on a complimentary curvy edge to edge design, and we could not be more pleased.

I even loved the simple, muslin backing after the quilting on Curvy Blue Vintage was complete.

I really fell in love with this quilt and hated to see it go.

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