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Cruise Quilt 1 – 2018

Last December (2017) I took our daughter on her first Cruise.  Not only did we have an amazing time, but I also found inspiration for quilting.  Check out the original post here. Cruise Quilt 1 was a great success.

Original Inspiration

The original image that inspired this first quilt was of a bench in the main eating area:

Cruise quilt 1 inspiration image

Layout Challenges

As I mentioned in my original post, I misread the pattern during my original assessment of this image.  What I saw was this:

Cruise Quilt 1 original layout


In reality, The pattern is more modern in design and includes different sized rectangles.  I try to avoid intricate math problems whenever possible. Jamie Thomas, my math instructor from College may find this whole conversation amusing.  Thank goodness for EQ8!  Electric Quilt takes away so much of the worry about designing the quilt.  I can spend my time on what matters to me most, and it is NOT the math!

Here is the actual layout that I used:

Cruise quilt 1 final layout

The Final Project

Ultimately, the final project was akin to the inspiration in design; however, I did change up the quilting.

Cruise Quilt 1 quilting

Instead of using the hard lined rectangular echo type designs that the inspiration had, I chose to use a curvy pattern that would soften the overall look.  This is, after all, my quilt!

Cruise Quilt 1 complete


The final product is very modern and fun.  I can see many more “inspired” quilts in my future!

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