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Crown Royal Custom 2020

Crown Royal Bag apart

I love commissions. Seeing a customer’s idea come to life is so exciting. A recent Crown Royal quilt was a perfect vision for a couple’s father.

The Vision

As with any project, this one began with a vision – and a challenge. In fact every step of the way, this Crown Royal quilt was a challenge. Lucky for me, I like a challenge!
I thought this was going to be a straight-forward project. Most Crown Royal quilts you see on Pinterest are all purple, all green, or a combination of the two. Not this quilt! There turned out to be 8 different colors of bags. Some of these had lettering, and some did not. Also, there were different layouts and motifs.
The challenge was to take all these Crown Royal bags and create an appealing design.
Crown Royal Layout

The Layout

Crown Royal block
By using my EQ8 program, I could present a variety of different layouts and strategies. After previewing different variations, a design was chosen.
The foundation of this design is the block in a block concept that serves two purposes. Cotton fabric surrounds each block which minimizes stretching. Also, the end product needed to be quite large, and this block allowed for color throughout the quilt.
Full Crown Royal Layout 2020

The Process

The process of creating a Crown Royal quilt is not the same as regular quilting. It is more akin to an art or t-shirt quilt.
Each Crown Royal bag is a little different, having been produced from different runs. The colors, textures, and embroidery placement is different. This occurs even on what looks like the same bags. Many bags consist of different fabrics. These fabrics range from faux leather to 100% polyester.
crown Royal Bag
Crown Royal Bag orange
Crown Royal Bag White
Each bag requires a unique treatment. The poly bags needed backing so they didn’t stretch. Some bags could not be cut apart. Instead, I had to remove the stitching so had enough seam allowance to put them together. As you can see, this caused some issues with fuzzy fabrics from the metallic thread used to assemble them.
Fuzzy fabric
Poly Crown Royal Bags
Crown Royal Bag apart
Finally, not all the same-sized bags were the same size! This made creating inner blocks with embroidery centered problematic.
Crown Royal bags black
Orange Crown Royal Bag Cut

Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to Edge Patterns
Crown Royal Quilting
Crown Royal Quilting 2

The couple chose Blaze from Urban Elements to finish off their quilt. This edge-to-edge design looks fabulous. Their thread choice was Sage. I have used Sage (a funky green colored thread) often when no clear choice was evident. This color is like a chameleon and seems to morph to what you need as it dances across the quilt.

A Happy Couple

The finished quilt was more than I could have imagined. Choices made by the couple made this a unique and personal gift for the wife’s dad.
Crown Royal Quilt Complete

As a side-note, one of the hurdles that I did not expect was the availability of Kona Black Cotton fabric. Due to the high need for cotton fabrics, especially solids, for mask, making it was tough to find. Luckily, I put out the word and I didn’t have to wait to long to complete.

If you want to have a custom quilt designed and created just for you or a loved one – give us a call or visit our website.

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