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Cross Stitch Quilt Top 2021

Below is the image from your package for reference.  Please note that all quilting motif images below are done on a skewed image. I really wish I had taken a picture of your top hanging on my rack, but you should get an idea of what I am talking about.

This first sketch shows outlining of the inside elements and what the fill would look like in a small portion. This will be done on the entire center area.  Note that the image is skewed and lines were made with a stylus on a tablet so they do not have the crispness that will occur in the finished product.  Also, I used a darker color for the quilting lines so you could see it easier.  The actual color of the thread will be the Linen.  A custom feather border that will come out of each corner and proceed around the entire inside of the quilt is also shown.



The bottom image shows the piano key look as well as the feathering to border area.  My intention is to mimic the cross stitch border areas whenever possible. This will add effect and serve to secure the top.  Rulers will be used for both straight and curved sections of the border so they will be crisp. By using feathers configured this way, it will move the eye to the center where all the magic is!

Project Pricing Structure for Custom Quilted Top:

84×90 = 7560 inches for quilting @ .3 = $226.80

90 inches x .25 for Hobbs 80/20 Batting = $22.56

84+84+90+90 = 348 running inches for binding @ .2 = $69.60


8.25% Tax: $26.31

TOTAL DUE UPON COMPLETION:              $345.21


Customer to provide backing at 90” wide by at least 96” long (length can be longer and what is extra I can use for the binding).

Gotch Enterprises will provide Hobbs 80/20 batting as quoted above.

Glide Linen thread will be used throughout the quilt.


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