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Church Camp

Church Camp is number one of 3 T-shirt quilts I completed for a customer recently. Each one was pieced without a stabilizer.

Church Camp

I did find YouTube videos about quilting a T-Shirt top that was not stabilized. While it can be accomplished, I would not recommend this process. From a quilting standpoint, this type of quilt needs a bit of babysitting. Even if the top is square to start, it may be a tad off by the end. The reason is the competing weights and stretch. Between the shirts and sashing, there is a lot going on from a stretch standpoint.

E2E Quilting

Because this was a church-themed quilt, the owner chose to use a dove E2E pattern.

As you can see from these close-up images, this E2E worked nicely. The white Glide thread showed just enough of the pattern while not taking away from the shirts.
Church Camp Close 2
Church Camp Close 1

Quilt Back

So far, we have a quilt with no stabilizer and no batting, and now we add in a stretchy fleece backing fabric. Woo hoo! Here is an image of the back after the quilting. I love how the white doves show up on the blue.

Church camp Back
I was a tad apprehensive about this entire combination but need to say that the end result was very pretty! I may not decide to create quilts this way but at least I know I can tackle the quilting if someone else does.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Church Camp
Quilt Size: 47×48
E2E Quilting Pattern: Two Turtle Doves
Thread: White Glide
Batting: None
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