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Christmas Gift Place Mats

I am one of those types of persons that hates to just “buy” something.  When it comes to Christmas gifts, I really want to find something that has a purpose.  I would rather someone give me a poem they wrote than spend a lot of money on something I may or may not like.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, I usually try to make something home-made and original when I can.

This is my first Christmas with a new company and when asked to provide an exchange gift, I was elated.  Making exchange gifts by hand sure beats stuffing a gift card in an envelope.  What Did I make?

I made a set of (6) custom-quilted holiday place mats.  They were a little busy, but also provided a lot of visual impact.  Holidays are about bright colors and fun patterns anyway.

I had a lot of fun fussy-cutting the puppies out to use in the side diamonds.  While this side was full of ornaments, trees and snowmen, the back was one solid fabric.  This allowed the beautiful gold quilted designs to show through.  Doing it this way created a reversible mat design and a fun to give Christmas gift.

What type of Christmas gifts did you make this year?


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