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Have you ever approached a holiday and wondered why you didn’t have a neat new quilt to show off?  I decided this year, I was going to make a Christmas quilt way before the holiday so I could finish it in time.

Use up those scraps!

When I have lots of scraps, I drag out my handy-dandy Accuquilt Go! and cut them down to consistent sizes.  I usually start with the 5″ square and move down from there.  This time around, I wanted to get a head start on Christmas by making a Christmas Gift Quilt.  I searched high and low, and just couldn’t find a block online that would accommodate my 5″ blocks.

So, instead of spending more time looking, I opened up my other handy-dandy helper, my EQ 7 program. (Now I know you will all be tempted to start sending me links to this block, but to be honest, I am glad I had to start from the drawing board!)

In order to create the quilt I wanted, I actually had to design the block from scratch.  I didn’t want my gifts to float around in air.  Instead I wanted them to look as if they were sitting on a shelf or windowsill.

**note: After posting a picture of one of my finished blocks, a good friend informed me that Missouri Star Quilt Co. has a video tutorial for a similar block.  Oh well, there is a good chance that it would not work with my 5″ Christmas square collection.  Yep, they even use 5″ charm packs!!!!  The proof is below 🙂

So, anyway – The finished design looks like this; however, I used stock fabrics to get the feel for the finished product, I did not scan all my fabrics.  This is how I usually work out a project because fussing too much can take so much fun out of it all!

As soon as I had a plan, I started making blocks and laying them out how I wanted them. In the end, there were three ribbon colors over a variety of box prints.  I decided to forego the cornerstones and did simple sashing instead.  I like the clean, windowed look it provides.  Finally, I used a large print for the final border and am so happy!

Again, I did not buy any fabric for this project, it all came out of my little stash 🙂

The last part of this project is to quilt and bind it.  I love this part!  The pattern I chose for quilting is this simple tree design by Willow Leaf Studio.


I really love the simplicity of this quilting pattern for the Holidays!

As a finished product, this quilt turned out very nicely – I can’t wait to throw it over the couch this Christmas!

Have you started any Christmas projects yet?

So, what do you think?

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