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Christmas Doo Dad

What a precious quilt. But, precious or not, this quilt had its very own challenges. I call this quilt Christmas Doo Dad because it was chock-full of stuff

Christmas Doo Dads

In fact, there were so many embellishments on this quilt, I took a picture. Then the customer circled all areas that she wanted to be avoided with the quilting.

Christmas Doo Dads marked

Technology is a wonderful thing. This allowed me to follow the customer’s wishes with a clear plan.

E2E Quilting

This time I did not use an E2E pattern. The plan called for avoiding many elements on the top, so I chose to do a custom meander.

Christmas Doo Dads Close

The backing fabric was a cute candy stripe which was not overrun by the quilting.

Christmas Doo Dads back

Do you add embelishments to your quilts?

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Christmas Doo Dad
Size: 43 x 51
Quilt Pattern: Custom Meander
Thread: 3003 Pearl White Superior
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