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Christmas Cookies 2012

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies?  Even if you are watching your weight, the sight of decorated varieties of home-made cookies just seems to fit around the holidays.  In our family, it has been a tradition to bake, and each year we produce an ever-increasing variety.

This year was a rebellious year. Our house has been on the market and even though I have put off having a garden for two years running, I was not about to forego the cookie making fun just in case someone called at the last minute for a showing.  My feeling is that if they want to come visit at the holidays, they will just see how functional this kitchen is!

Of course, we bake cookies around here for more reasons than to gain the proverbial 10 lbs over the holidays – heck, there is a world of good food this time of year to help out for that.  Another reason we bake is to give as gifts to our good friends.  By sharing a gift that was made, not bought, there is that special connection of caring that only this type provides.

So, if you are stumped with how to make this Holiday season special, or want to find that perfect gift for a busy friend – maybe it is time to don that special apron (I got one as a gift already this year).

And if you are looking for recipes to make cookies like the ones I have here, this is an easy fix as well. The cookies pictured in this blog were all made with recipes I got from free programs on my iPad.  The internet has amazing sites like:

All Recipes 

Taste of Home

Very Best Baking

Mom’s Who Think

So don’t hate me because I bake at the Holidays, get up and throw some flour around!

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