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Change is in the Air!

You may have noticed some changes going on, namely my name.  OK, I suppose it is time for me to come clean – I am not who I have said I was all these years.  I am a sham!

While I promise not to bore you with every little detail, I can say that when I was born, I was Robin – when I was adopted, I was Robyn – when I got married, I was over the whole sign your name with a smiley face thing and went back to Robin.

Unfortunately, Texas could care less that I was making the whole grown-up statement over 20 years ago and is now making me spell my name as it appears on my adoptive birth certificate.

TMI?  Believe me – this is the “light” version!

It all started when I went to get my Texas driver’s license. I was so excited to take yet another step towards being a real Texan. (I still can’t make myself say “y’all” but do say “Bless Your Heart” from time to time).  Anyway, I needed to provide both my birth certificate and my social security card, which did not match.  This meant I had to get a new social security card as well as start using my proper legal name: Robyn Gotch. Doesn’t that just scream “I wanna ride a unicorn?”!!

I apologize to all you RobYn’s with a Y out there.

The problem does not end here. In addition to my driver’s license and social security card, I also have to switch over:

  • Work and personal signature
  • Email Address
  • Tax Records
  • Checking and Savings Accounts
  • Facebook (yea, important I know)
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog
  • Website
  • Resumes
  • …a ton of other places where my name is used

Elements that I cannot change:

  • Certificates of Merit
  • Diplomas
  • Stuff like that and more …

I suppose everything happens for a reason, and what better time to make this change than during a cross-country move?  Maybe it is time to revamp myself as well?

Ultimately, this makes me think about how complicated our world has become.  One element does not change without altering other elements down the line and/or upstream.  Years ago, the change of a name would not have been near as big a deal; but today there is an electronic trail that can be easily severed.

With this being said, the location of this blog has changed – as has that of my website: – BLOG – Website

A rose by any other name?

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