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Sometimes you see fabrics and have conflicting emotions. You are torn between your desire to create something special and dread at the prospect of having to cut it all up!! Luckily, Miss Melanie had the courage to create something amazing. I give you, Catitude!


From a distance, this quilt is superb, but up close you can really see the colors! Gem tones in large medium and small scales next to dark black is a striking contrast.

The black coupled with jewel tones and swirls creates such amazing images. I especially love the almost the teal, purple and red textures that go with the busy patterns.

Edge to Edge Quilting

The edge to edge pattern we chose for this works in a variety of ways. First of all, the gentle curves help to soften all the hard lines of the large triangles and squares. Adiago the edge to edge pattrn used, also mimics the paisley pattern in the fabric itself. How fun!


Catitude Closer

Even closer up you can see how the quilting moves with the elements of the quilt. A simple “sage” color thread was used to unite many of the elements already there.

The kitty seems to approve of his place in the world. I sure do! And finally, the back has something to see as well. By utilizing yet another kitty block, the back is just as pretty as the top.

Catitude back

I can’t say enough of how much fun this quilt was to finish. I guess the best way to describe this gem is “eye candy”. Don’t you think we all should have a bit of Catitude?

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