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Cake Charm

This year, as in many past, I received fabric as a Christmas Gift. My daughter-in-law gifted me with two beautiful Layer Cakes. The fabrics were very random and scrappy. This is how Cake Charm was born.

Cake Charm

Top Design

I am always looking for designs that lend themselves to custom quilting. Also, many of the fabrics were so cute, I hated to cut them up to small! This is how I came up with the large snowball blocks.

Cake Charm Close 3

You will also see that there are two rows of hourglass blocks. I created these from the remnants of the snowballs. As you may know, I hate to waste fabric. By sewing one extra line on the snowball, I was able to make quick and easy half-square triangles. I combined these to make the hourglass blocks.

Cake Charm Snowball Block
NOTE: I am so bad at intentional randomness. To solve my normal tendency to control everything, I put my blocks into a paper bag. Both the snowball blocks and hourglass blocks were then pulled at random.
I recommend this process for anyone that has trouble letting go!

Custom Quilting

This is where the fun started!

Cake charm Close 1

I started with a Pro-Stitcher pattern that I altered to fit. Then I added hand-guided feathers and pebbles. The combination fills the space and provides lots of texture.

Cake Charm Close 2
For the hourglass rows, I did a continuous curve, hand-guided pattern. This is a very common pattern for these blocks and fit right in.
In case you are wondering, I call this Cake Charm because the main blocks consist of layer cakes and charm packs.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Cake Charm
Size: 74 x 97
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Quilt Pattern: Custom Regular
Thread: 10002 Super White Glide
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