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Burgundy Flower Gown

This gown is now complete and offered for sale. Created of tapestry-grade fabrics, and high-quality trims – you will not find a more durable and high-quality design. All pieces have been cut so that the pattern matches front, back, and from sleeve to sleeve. 
Before you ask what time period this gown is for, please note that the bodice is from the Margo pattern for the fitted bodice. I have altered the pattern so that it fits comfortably for many different body types and does not fall off at the shoulders. What you see is what you get 🙂
Bodice Size is Ladies 14 but can be worn by a bit smaller and larger. Skirt sizes are 14 but can accommodate larger sizes also.  On the mannequin with a corset, the bust measures 38″ and the waist is 34″.  The model is 5 Foot 6 Inches tall so you can compare the length of the skirts worn.  NOTE: the hoop you use can determine overall length
  • Lined bodice with side offset lacing in Maroon.
  • Removable lined sleeves with matching trim – this is my own custom design, not from a pattern.
  • Maroon ribbon for tie into D Rings hidden under sleeve caps.
  • Underskirt with contrasting fabric (same as bodice lining)
  • Velcro flat adjustments
  • Over Skirt with Velcro flat adjustments front and back for proper fit
  • Surge finishes on skirts so the length can be adjusted per wearer.
  • Beautiful gem-studded trim with matching flowers to the bodice.


Hoop skirt



Bodice Jewelry

The bodice and sleeves are all lined and include a finished bead edge. The sleeves are removable for warmer weather and have ample room at the armhole to include even the heaviest shirt. Can be worn with or without the overskirt.
All skirts have surged hems, this allows for adjustment should you want to hem for fit. I tend to leave mine surged. This allows me to “freshen up” my gowns year to year from use on dirt and rocky surfaces. There is less waste, and they always look fresh and nice.
CARE: Do not throw custom gowns in the washer/dryer. If you must, spot wash areas with dirt. For the skirts, I simply hang them on a line and hose down the lower areas to remove the dust and debris. Line dry and ready for use again.
NOTE: I will be attending select weekends at TRF this season, if you would like to try her on – just let me know!

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