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Bunny Butt Banner

Bunny Butt Banner
Bunny Butt Banner on Display

The Bunny Butt Banner is the first of many outdoor quilt banners that I will be showcasing in the coming months. These fun, quilts help me to bring my passion to the outside of our home.

A New Reason to Quilt (not that I needed one)

Recently, I came across a wonderful “Support our Troops” flag and wanted to display it outside. As I was looking for a perfect spot, I realized that there are two areas on either side of our entry door that could frame this perfectly. The only problem is that I only had one flag/banner.

And this is how I came about the inspiration to create outdoor banner quilts. The process is simple, I asked hubby to install some regular curtain rods on each side of the entry, and then I measured the original flag/banner.

Bunny Butt Banner is born

Bunny Butt Block
Bunny Butt Banner before the applique
Now it’s time for Applique

Yea, I like saying Bunny Butt Banner – it’s fun 🙂 This quilt was really nothing but fun from start to finish. I have been wanting to use some of these fabrics, including the Easter egg one, for a long time.


The applique for this quilt was sketched out by hand on the back of the focus fabric, cut out, and then appliqued by machine to the center white area.

Bunny Butt Applique

What really makes this fun is the BUTT! I found some cute faux fur fabric (say that 3x fast) and used this for the bunny tail.

Bunny Butt crew
Even the Schnauzer Crew approves!


I decided to do an E2E pattern for the quilting on this because I was more concerned with keeping the quilt together than doing a lot of fancy stitches. It is important to realize that these banner quilts will be taking a bit of a beating over time, the wind will whip them and probably prematurely wear at least the binding.

Edge to Edge Patterns

I do have a large variety of Spring E2E patterns, but this one really spoke to me. I love how it played across the large blocks and fabric patterns.

Bunny Butt Banner E2E

As the first Banner Quilt and just in time for the holidays, I am excited how this turned out. I can also display any of these as I create them in the home and shop as well. This is a perfect size (36×60) for a wall hanging.

Then again, I may have to make another one to give away as a baby quilt too – you never know.

Do you create quilts specifically to be viewed from the outside? Why not share your passion with the world?

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