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Bonnie Hunter SW

The Bonnie Hunter 2023 mystery quilt is called Chilhowie. This version was created by a wonderful quilter and now I want to get mine on the long arm!

Bonnie Hunter SW
While we all have the same color pallet, the choices we made in fabrics can make a big difference. I love the extra borders that frame this beauty.
Also, the maker added another entire row to this quilt to make it much larger than the original pattern. I am not sure I am as ambitious.

E2E Quilting

With so much going on, an E2E pattern is a good choice. For this, I used Hypnotic and Linen Glide Thread. Below you get a glimpse at how the layout looks before quilting.

Bonnie Hunter SW E2E LAYOUT

Hypnotic is an Urban Elementz Edge-to-Edge design that fills the space nicely. It serves to lock small piecing in place.


The close-up images below show how pretty this pattern is on this quilt.

Bonnie Hunter SW Close 1
Bonnie Hunter SW Close 2

Quilt Back

The color of the backing fabric serves to camouflage the stitching, but I assure you it makes a nice texture.

Bonnie Hunter SW Back
What is very special is the pretty strip of pieced fabric along the middle. I should bed finishing mine up soon, stay tuned for a post on my Chilhowie.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Bonnie Hunter 2023 SW
Quilt Size:89 x 107
Quilting Pattern: Hypnotic
Thread: Linen Glide
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
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