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Bluebonnets and Butterflies

This is the second grandchild quilt brought to me by a new quilter. This time around, the quilt is for a little girl – Makenna. Bluebonnets and Butterflies is a perfect little girl quilt. In fact, this not-so-little girl would love it too!

Bluebonnets and Butterflies

While a new quilter, Makenna’s grandmother is quite adept at showcasing fabrics. A good choice was made to use larger blocks for the larger print fabrics.

E2E Quilting

Butterflies! Ginger Flight E2E was the perfect fit!

Ginger Butterflies

As you can see from this close up image, the quilting ties in well.

bluebonnets and butterflies close 1

The fabrics were chosen with care, and there is an embroidered section on top of the quilt. This holds a special message

bluebonnets and butterflies close 2

Not everyone provides solid color backing, and this can work well or not so much. In this case, the quilt is absolutely reversible.

Bluebonnets and butterflies back

Check out this video of how the butterflies stitched out:

What type of quilts do you make for your family? Do they have specific themes that are important to them?

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Bluebonnets and Butterflies
Size: 87 x 72
Quilt Pattern: Ginger Flight
Thread: 10536 Silver Glide
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