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Blue Tree of Life

I don’t always have the time to play with other forms of creativity, but when the opportunity to update my personal garb presents itself, I find the time. The blue tree of life created here brings an old and well-loved bag back to life.

The Problem

The problem was that my most favorite bag had darkened with age and was no longer the beautiful blue it once was. Here is a picture of how bad it had become (a really rainy faire season didn’t help I’m sure)

As you can see, the bag on my right hip looks anything but blue!

Step One – Paint

I found some great metallic blue leather paint on Amazon:

This great product was very inexpensive and did a wonderful job!

Creating The Tree of Life

While the bag now was a snazzy blue and the original design could be seen, it was very faint when not in direct light. My original plan to create a Tree of Life to overlay the design was still on the table.

For this project, I checked a lot of different videos for ideas – I think I followed this one the most closely:

After checking out a variety of videos and to-do’s online, I went shopping for the elements I did not have. Namely, the 3″ silver ring that would serve as the base for my tree. This along with elements from my own stores was just what I needed

I followed the directions sort of carefully. Of course, I took license where I wanted to and was rewarded with a pretty respectable Tree of Life:

Blue Tree of Life

The Finished Product

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my very first attempt at a wire-wrapped tree of life, and not to mention the new life that my favorite bag received because of it!

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