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Blue and Silver Tree Skirt

Hubby and I decided to update our Christmas decorations this year. Our tree has looked the same for years! This season, we will have a Blue and Silver Tree Skirt.

Tree Skirt 2022

The rest of our decorations will play off of this design. If you remember, I already started this process with the Table Topper.

Tree Skirt Design

I did not find much for inspiration online. Maybe it was because I had something specific in my mind and was not seeing that. In the end, I did a little math but mostly winged the template.
Tree Skirt 2022 design

I used this basic shape and then decided on the fabrics and embroidery elements I wanted to include. I was not too worried about embroidery all the way into the tree, this is usually not as visible anyway. Instead, I wanted the outside to be easily seen.

Tree Skirt 2022 embroidery
I chose to do a white design and a blue design and keep it simple. On the odd ray, I put the “label” information. Why not?

Custom Quilting

Of course, this project required custom quilting! The motif mirrors the stars on the table topper and also includes some fun and frilly feathers.

Tree Skirt 2022 Close 2
Tree Skirt 2022 close

After this was complete, I continued on to add BLING!

Tree skirt 2022 bling close
Tree Skirt tree final

I am so happy with how our tree looks this year. It also inspired me to make a custom skirt for the company I work for: HM CRAGG

hmc skirt label
HM Cragg Skirt
HM Cragg Skirt and tree

I love giving gifts for the Holidays!

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Tree Skirt 2022
Quilt Size: 60″ Circle
Quilting Pattern: Custom
Thread: White Glide – Navy Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
Expect to see us together again at upcoming fairs.
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So, what do you think?

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