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Black and White and Red All Over

My first UFO for the Red Boot UFO Challenge 2023 is Black and White and Red All Over. I won these blocks back in 2020 in our Johnson County Quilt Guild Block of the Month. I really meant to use them in a quilt. Unfortunately, I put them in a bin and totally forgot about them!

Black and White and red all over Lulu
jcqg june 2020 BOM

The pattern is the disappearing 9 patch. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough blocks to make the size I wanted so I dug into my stach and made more.

E2E Quilting

When quilting for myself, I often use an E2E pattern that is underutilized. In this case, I chose HeatWave and Red Glide thread. I am so very happy with the texture and general attitude of this quilt.

Edge to Edge Patterns
Black and White and red all over close 1

Quilt Label

Making a coordinating label is something I enjoy.

Black and White and red all over label

One day, when I am gone – people will look at this quilt and know it was me that put it all together.

Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Black and White and Red all over
Quilt Size: 64 x 64
Quilting Pattern: HeatWave
Thread: 70186 Saltry Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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