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Beautiful Bed Runners

Sometimes the simplest projects are the most beautiful. These gorgeous bed runners came from a local retreat owner – Red Boot Retreat. They will adorn the client’s beds when they visit.

bed runner

Two for One

The client requested that I load these bed runners side-by-side. In fact, the backing fabric provided required this. Because my Hobbs 80/20 batting is only 90″ (give or take) wide, it would have been a total waste to try to use it as one piece. To solve this dilemma, I utilized two separate pieces and loaded it that way. This is a common way to quilt multiple items like place mats, etc.

Two for one


Don’t you love these fabrics? The colors and scale are perfect for this project and look so good together. I especially adore the big border fabric.

Bed Runner close

Edge to Edge Quilting

Sometimes clients leave it up to me to choose the quilting motif. In this case, flowers or leaves was the only recommendation. I chose a daisy pattern that fit with the pattern and fabrics but did not detract. You can find other edge to edge designs HERE.

Edge to Edge Patterns

You can see the impact this fum pattern has more on the back than the front.

Edge to edge on back

Have you seen this quilt before?

Yes, you have! In a recent post on How to Love your Long Arm Quilter, I used images of this quilt. It was a good example to explore the best way to prepare a quilt for the long arm.

I have been thinking of the concept of a bed runner and may have to make some for our guest room, maybe themed for the holidays? What do you think?

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