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Baseball Baby

It may not feel like spring everywhere around the country, but recently I felt quite ready for a game of Baseball Baby! I love quilts with themes and messages, so of course this one hit a home run!

This quilt hits a Home Run!

The printed blocks were purchased at a recent Shop Hop in Waco Texas. Between the blocks and fabric choices, Baseball Baby was the total package. Some little boy (or girl…) could really love this quilt. If you look closely at the red striped fabric, you will see that the stripes even look like stitches. Not only does this quilt relate to baseball, the red/white/blue colors and stars and stripes create that All-American look.

E2E Pattern and Thread

How do you quilt a baseball quilt? With a baseball E2E pattern and a tan thread that emulates the stitching on the ball itself, silly!

Edge to Edge Patterns
Baseball Meander
I love how the pattern played over the blocks!

Even the smallest quilts can have an enormous impact on your family. This little gem is sure to be a keepsake for the child it is gifted, and maybe even be passed down in years to come. I am so excited for this baseball baby!

Quilt top by Margret Lewis – Quilting by Gotch Enterprises – 2019

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