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Bargello – M

Bargello quilts are simply mesmerizing. They are among some of the most intimidating pieced quilting patterns out there. Then again, their beauty can draw many of us into attempting their creation.

Bargello M is a gorgeous gold-laced quilt created by my good friend Margret. Not only did she sew this quilt top, the design did not come from a pattern. Instead she decided to tackle both the Bargello design but also to create her own pattern.

The moment I loaded this beauty on my machine, I knew I was looking at something special.

Choosing thread and pattern

As I mentioned, the fabric was flecked with gold throughout. This made thread choice easy – GOLD! Of course, many of you know that I really love gold thread on so many quilts, but in this case there was no other choice.

We originally discussed an E2E Pattern of sharp petaled dandelions; however, as soon as I started setting the quilt up I knew this was a mistake. Sometimes our vision does not match reality. Instead Margret and I discussed my thoughts and options and she chose Adagio.

Adagio is elegant, flowing and nests so beautifully. In addition, the flow and movement of this pattern mimics that of the pieced pattern to add softness and compliment.

Bargello M

Bargello M
Do you plan on creating a Bargello in 2019?  I just might!

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