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Aunt Rae’s Quilt

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Today’s blog features another quilt with much history. Aunt Rae’s Quilt is very old and was also incomplete. This didn’t stop her Niece from wanting it quilted.

Aunt Rae's Quilt
So for those of you who enjoy preserving the past as much as I do, this one had some challenges. The top itself had been stored for so many years. Threads were loose and the piecing was not very tight. The green sections had so much fullness.
I was honest and said that there would be puckers but I would try to keep them to a minimum. With lots of patience and Best Press, I have to say the top came out very nice.
Aunt Rae's Quilt Stitching
Aunt Rae's Quilt Close 1

E2E Quilting

Due to the age of this quilt, I recommended a vintage look for the quilting. Baptist Fan was the perfect choice
Baptist Fan
This pattern served two purposes. First, it fit the age of the quilt and second, it covered the seams well. This will help this top to live for many years to come.
Aunt Rae's Close 2
Aunt Rae's Close 3

Binding and Back

There is also another element to consider. The top was unfinished so decisions needed to be made.

Aunt Rae's Top
If you look closely at the quilted top, the blocks were only completed on the top and bottom. Also there were 3 blocks upper left that had the green scallop finished.
At first, we were going to square the top, but that made my heart hurt. I wanted to keep Aunt Rae’s quilt as complete as possible. So, instead, I trimmed those three rogue sections and made it scalloped all the way around.
Lastly is the backing. We chose a light blue floral that complimented the front and used it for binding as well. It is hard to see the quilting because of the pattern. 
Aunt Rae's Quilt Back

Below is an image of Aunt Rae that Pat shared with me.

Aunt Rae

Do you have family that has inspired you? I wish my family had quilted – but I suppose the tradition has to start somewhere!

I would like to think that Aunt Rae is happy with the way her quilt turned out.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Aunt Rae’s Quilt
Thread: Linen Glide
Size: Approximately 46 x 83
E2E Quilting Pattern: Baptist Fan
Batting: Warm and Natural 80/20
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