Applique Banner

Applique Banner

There are many ways to applique, but making an applique banner is great fun.  Applique is not just for quitting.

As many of you know, I am a frequent fixture at renaissance fairs. At our home fair of Scarborough each spring you will find me walking in parade holding the banner of a favorite vendor.  This year, I am promoting French Braids by Twisted Sisters.  This group of lovely ladies do an amazing job.  Not only are their braids super pretty and last a long time, but they help keep those of us with long hair a lot cooler on a hot day!

When I first started walking in parade this year, I would carry my friend Anne (a mannequin head with beautiful braids).  The problem was that there was no way to give credit to this specific shop.  While I announced their name and location, that was not very efficient.

I needed a banner!


Eventually, I decided that we needed a banner.  To do this, I took a picture of their sign and considered my design options.

Original Sign

Because I love to interact with the crowd, I was cautious not to make something cumbersome and finally settled on a simple hand-held design that had a lot of visual impact.

Fits like a glove

Not only does this sign play well at a distance, it was also the perfect size to display in the booth when not doing it’s duty on the parade route.  And, if you haven’t noticed already – it is the perfect color for Queen Selesti to carry.

The sign works great

I am so happy with the final product and now Anne can remain at her station in the booth!

If you visit the fair, give me a holler!