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Antique Pink Diamonds Vintage Quilt

Antique Pink Diamonds

This is the first in a series of posts that I will share with you about finishing several vintage quilts. The first quilt, Antique Pink Diamonds, was the only one originally quilted but it had many other problems.

Decisions… Decisions

It is not uncommon to receive a vintage quilt from a customer that is badly in need of repair. The question is always “do you repair it past the point of recreating?” In this case, we carefully assessed the damage and considered all the options. As you can see in the image above, this beautiful old quilt had been loved quite a bit.

Because this beauty was fairly good sized, it was decided to trim all the worst areas to make a smaller quilt and put on new binding. A new baby was expected in the family, so this will be a beautiful addition to the little one’s room.

There had been some attempt to repair worn areas previously. This sheath was installed to create a smooth edge and cover the damage. It was decided to remove this as part of the process.

We chose a small print pink and white fabric that has the feel of flour sacks to work for the binding. It was a very sweet addition to the overall look of the quilt. Antique pink diamonds vintage quilt will be carefully used and loved due to its delicate nature, but knowing it will be around for the next generation makes my heart happy.

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