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Antique Alley Spring 2023

Twice a year, Antique Alley comes along. Antique Alley Spring 2023 was full of fun items and a few treasures

Antique Alley April 2023

As always, hubby was more than happy to stroll the lanes and help carry my treasures. Yea, and he isn’t bad to look at either 😉

Antique Alley April 2023

I was lucky to find so many interesting things this year. 

  • Two sets of spurs
  • black stone beads
  • Fleur De Lis for my new gown
  • Pretty rings
  • Wall fountain
  • Vintage quilt top
  • A gift of a mini sewing machine

The quilt top was something special, hand appliqued in the 40s by the great-grandmother of the lady I bought it from. It has an interesting history which I will share when I finish the top.

After an enjoyable conversation about its history, the seller gifted me with the little sewing machine. 

Antique Alley April 2023
Antique Alley April 2023

As with most of my Antique Alley posts, the rest of this will be visual. What follows is a gallery of interesting images I took throughout the day.  I am not too sure I would want to purchase thread this old, but the machines sure were pretty.

Do you enjoy shopping at garage sales, antique malls, and estate sales?  When I have the time, I sure do!

So, what do you think?

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