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Antique Alley September

It has been a while since the April version of our Antique Alley canceled this year. I was so happy to find out that the Antique Alley Texas September shows were on!

I caught up all my work and set aside the day on Friday to explore.

Antique Alley Whip Farms

Each time I go to the shows on Antique Alley, there is some special theme that presents itself. While I found some great treasures, the special treasure was the animals I met along the way.

Vintage Parasol Frame

Before I get into the dogs and such, I want to showcase some of my treasures. The first is a vintage parasol frame. This was an exciting find, now I need to figure out which gown I will use it to match.

Vintage Parasol
Vintage Parasol

Queen Selesti Rings

I love bling! When I found these rings I was so excited! They will definitely look lovely on my elf’s hands.

Queen Selesti Rings

General Images of the Day

As always, I find lots of fun things that I don’t actually buy. Below are some images of these great finds. Included here are some beautiful fabrics, garments, and even a pink sewing machine!

The Stars of the Show

As promised, below are images of some of the animals I found. It was a beautiful day, not too hot so these furry friends were having a great day too! I made so many new friends visiting Antique Alley September.

Have you ever had the pleasure of participating in Antique Alley? I sure hope someday you do!

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