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Antique Alley Fall 2021

This year for Antique Alley Fall 2021, I wanted to be sure to have enough time to enjoy all the venues. Also, I wanted to find all the treasures!
As many of you know, Antique Alley is loved and hated by many. Either you love the ability to search for antiques and other things or you hate the traffic.
I live very close to most of the larger locations and have found ways to avoid the traffic if I so choose.
I am also blessed to have a chauffeur that will drop me off and pick me up again. He is always happy to haul all my amazing finds. Antique Alley Fall 2021 was a complete success.


It is my goal each year, whether it be the Spring or the Fall show, is to get lots of vintage quilt images.
This year I found a ton! Some of the quilts pictured below were for sale at a reasonable price and others were not. It is always important to know what you are looking for and be sure you are happy with the price asked. There are other quilts here that have seen better days. Their purpose now is to act as table covers.  The gift is that we still get to enjoy them when we shop.


The second part of my adventure is to shop. I like shopping 🙂 You never know what type of treasure you will find. I was blessed in previous years to find fabrics on sale from estates, garden decorations, and jewelry.
This year I found some fun stuff! First off, are the treasures for the garden. I found these matching shepherd’s hooks – I believe they are brass. Also, I had been looking for a Century Plant (Blue Agave) and found a cute little guy.

Next up are the weapons. I sometimes find swords and other renaissance-type items for our collection. This year, I found an antique foil that needs some love along with a short sword.

I was so happy to find a vintage hat from a time that I have yet to explore. From what I have researched this hat is from the ’40s and/or ’50s. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Another gem is this vintage necklace. It is much more gold in color than it looks. I intend on possibly using this with a new gown that is in the works.

Another vintage find was this set of furniture. I did not buy this because I have no place for furniture right now, but I did love the look! What I did buy (pictured below the couch) is the two pair of new leather shoes!

My last treasures are 5 rings, 2 of which are sterling. At $1 each, I could not pass them up! I found these at Whipp Farms.

Have you ever gone to Antique Alley? Don’t forget to check this fun event every Spring and Fall, the third weekend in April and September
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